When you make something, you leave a part of yourself in it. We take pride in our flower arrangements and the material used in their production. Our products are handmade which means that no two items are exactly alike. Every single friendly flower product is one-of-a-kind! Slight variations in color, texture, and shape are inherent in a handmade item and add a personal touch to all our flower arrangements. A large variety of flowers can be created from sola wood to match different occasions. At Friendly Flowers, we like to assemble beautiful bouquets, charming flower boxes and unique home decor.
Most of our flowers are made from sola wood. This special type of wood comes from a tapioca plant root.
The tapioca plant may be processed and used for different types of foods. Once the root is cut and peeled, it can be used in the food industry. The skin cannot be consumed, is therefore discarded.
The appealing thing about sola flowers lies in their production. The discarded part (sola wood) is cut into thin layers, rolled into petals and formed into beautiful sola flowers. The entire process from beginning to the end is done by hand. This is a beautiful way to create delightful flower arrangements from parts that would otherwise find their way in the waste bin.
To create exclusive bouquets, we complement our sola flowers with accent blossoms made from used book pages, recycled fabric, old wood, burlap, vintage jewellery, pine cones, tree branches and natural greens. Additionally, we like to use recycled cans and wood panels, which help us create unique home décor objects.
Our sola flowers are hand painted using non-toxic dye. We select our desired flowers and then submerge each flower individually into a mixture of water and paint. Depending on the desired color intensity the process might have to be repeated several times. For each season, we come up with new colors to match the mood of that specific time of the year.
Our Friendly Flowers are carefully selected and with lots of love by hand assembled into beautiful bouquets. We aim to create modern, yet timeless designs, that brighten up your everyday life.
Our floral arrangements are not only timeless due to their design but also because of the materials used. When handled with care our flowers can last a lifetime. Wood flowers from Friendly Flowers are forever!
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