We are Friendly Flowers, a small family owned company with a big dream - a dream of making the flower business more sustainable. Our company came into existence in Düsseldorf 2017, with the purpose of offering an ecological alternative to both fresh cut and artificial flowers.

Most people are aware of the unsustainability of artificial flowers, however, only few acknowledge the negative aspects of the fresh cut flower business. You would be surprised by the amount of pesticides, water and other natural resources consumed in the flower industry. Unfortunately, each flower arrangement leaves a hidden scar on our Planet.

Friendly Flowers’ goal is to offer beautiful floral arrangements, which bring modern design and our love for the environment into perfect harmony. In this respect, we offer a variety of products created by using as many sustainable and recycled materials possible. The main material utilized in our bouquets is Sola Wood, a derivate of the tapioca plant. The most common use of tapioca is in the food industry (for example tapioca flour). However, the interesting part comes with the discarded parts, which can be shaped into petals and then formed into beautiful sola wood flowers.

At Friendly Flowers, each sola wood flower is carefully handcrafted with love, which makes it truly unique - a gift from our hearts to yours. Sola wood is long lasting, which means that our flowers do not fray over time. Due to their longevity, Friendly Flowers make a great companion for special occasions. This is an amazing way to help you create meaningful moments and everlasting memories.

With love,
Your Friendly Flowers Team

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